Sunday, June 01, 2008

War Eagle Caverns, War Eagle, Arkansas

Gary and I took a trip to War Eagle Caverns located near
War Eagle Arkansas. We entered the cave through a natural
entrance rather than the entrance of years gone by. For that,
we would have needed a wet suit. We noticed various fossils
on the roof of the cave. War Eagle Cavern was used as a
set for the movie "Frank and Jesse". The film crew even
left some of the movie props inside the cave. We also got
to see a still that was found in the cave. There were no
stairs in the cave. Besides the cave tour, War Eagle
Caverns also has a Maze and offers gem stone panning.

These are the rimstone dams located in the cave.

This formation reminded me of a buffalo.

This is one of the few formations inside the cave.

This is only one of the many pipestrelle bats that occupy
the cave.
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coinguyslady said...

Your pics turned out great.I work at War Eagle Cavern and I just happened onto your blog.