Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pike's Peak

Can't visit Colorado Springs, Co area without a trip up Pike's Peak.
It is 19 miles to the top of the 14,110 ft. Peak. What beautiful sites can be
seen during the drive. In 1894 Katharine Lee Bates traveled to the
top of Pike's Peak and wrote the words to what became "America
the Beautiful". In 1886-88 a carriage road was built to the top
of the Peak. The first automobile reached the top in 1901. In 1916, the
second oldest car race in America, the Pikes Peak Hill Race was held.
As of today, the fastest time up the road is about 14 minutes. When
you reach the top, you may find yourself short of oxygen. If you are
hungry, there is a place to order hamburgers, chicken sandwiches,
soup, and pizza. Cost to drive your car up the road is $10 per person,
or $35 per car. Well worth the trip. On the way down, you must stop
so a guard can check to see how hot your brakes are. If they are too hot,
you will have to pull over until they cool off.

Our first stop was at Crystal Reservoir. Lots of people were fishing
here. You can see Pike's Peak in the background.

Looking down at the road we traveled to the top.

Pike's Peak.

View from Pike's Peak. One inch is 38 miles. More pictures on travel
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