Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tyler, Texas Air Show 2013

Wow what a show.  We were able to tour the museum and see  a B-17, B-24,P-51 Mustang, and a German Messerschmitt fly in to the show.  Before landing, the bombers flew right overhead.  Later, we were able to go on the bombers.  Met a lot of interesting people.  Lots of veterans.  We spent some time talking to a man who was 17 when he was captured and put into a German prisoner of war camp.  He told us how a German Messerschmitt flew over their camp.  This caused their moral to sink while the moral of the Germans rose.  The prisoners thought that the plane would help the Germans win the war.  He told us how he was freed when Patton’s tanks arrived at their camp.  He was very interesting to talk to.  Another man was there who was a co-pilot in a B-26 when a Messerschmitt flew right past them.  We were also able to see the planes that are part of the museum.  All in all, a fantastic day.


B-17 flying overhead


B-24 with a P-51 Mustang coming in


Messerschmitt coming in for a landing


co-pilot of a B-26 that met a Messerschmitt during WWII


He was a 17 year old prisoner of war when a Messerschmitt flew over his POW camp.




P-51 Mustang



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