Thursday, September 01, 2011

Spam Museum, Austin, Mn

How many of you can remember eating spam?  I can remember mom frying it.  That was the best.  When we first met,  Gary made a spam pie for dinner one night.  I did not realize that there are many flavors of spam or so many products that were made by Hormel.  The museum was free.  Didn’t take us very long to tour the museum.  Lots of 2-3 minute films to watch.  We enjoyed the one with the Hormel girls chorus and drum and bugle core.  We went in the theater to watch the movie "Spam A Love Story" and Gary wanted to know where the popcorn was.  I told him that they would serve spam not popcorn.  After that comment a lady walked in with bacon flavored spam.  Later she brought us cheese spam.

spam fed a lot of soldiers during the war.

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