Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD

Had a great day visiting the Mammoth Site.  The site is enclosed and is an on-going dig site.  They dig only 7 weeks a year and spend the rest of the year sifting through what they find.  Many years ago a sink hole filled with water that had year round temps of 96.  This meant that grass grew below the edge of the sink hole.  Mammoths would try to get to the grass and fall into the sink hole.  They could not get out and died.  Eventually, the sink hole was covered with soil and the mammoths were buried.  Mammoth bones were uncovered when a developer was having the ground bull dozed for a housing development.  He recognized the importance of the discovery and sold the land so the Mammoth site could be preserved.  So far, 59 mammoths have been discovered along with a short-faced bear. 



whole mammoth




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