Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aransas Pass, Texas Great time, Great Birding

What a great time Gary and I experienced in Aransas Pass, Texas, also known as AP.  Gary and I attended 4 music jams with the largest having over 28 players/singers and the smallest 10.  Met a lot of new people and even sold some of our cds.
Gary fished with the guys and I ran around with the girls-what a lot of fun they are.  Went to the beach 3 times and, thanks to Marlene, got to fly a kite on the beach.
Lots of places to bird watch in Rockport, Fulton, Lamar, and Port Aransas, so Jan, Marlene, and I managed to get some good birding in.  Jan and I took a photography class-lots to learn.
I am posting some of my bird photos – for more click here.

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Handmade Crafts Done While RVing said...

Hello! As strange as this sounds but I am afraid of birds (well the ones that people keep as pets) and I thought about starting up with bird watching but not a clue how to start. Do you recommend a starter books and what should I get for a first pair of binocualers? I have a blog too but a tad bit different theme then yours - stop by and say hi sometime