Friday, May 21, 2010

Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum

Great museum.  Exhibits include classic wooden boats built to use on the Okoboji, swimsuits, rides from amusement parks used in the 40s, old fishing lures, ice harvesting tools, replica of Okoboji store, Sorensen boathouse, antique boat motors dating back to 1917, and the 1939 Chris Craft.  There is a 10 minute video.  Cost: free.  Well worth the time to see this museum.

P1310943 This 1939 Chris Craft is also known as the Okoboji Titanic.  It was struck by another boat in July, 1946 and sank in 65 feet of water where it remained until 1995.


P1310958 amusement car ride

P1320054 remember those fun house mirrors.  We had a lot of fun here.  Good thing our bodies really do not look like the mirror shows.

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