Monday, March 16, 2009

Texas Prison Museum, Huntsville, Texas

Texas is home to many prisons. It has the highest execution rate of any of the other 50 states. When they say, "Don't mess with Texas" that could really apply to those who break the laws punishable by execution. The museum is located in Huntsville, Texas. The cost to tour the musem is $4 for adults. The Huntsville Prison began a rodeo program for the inmates and was so successful that it opened to the public and sometimes would have thousands of people viewing the rodeo. Top name entertainers would also perform during the rodeo. Huntsville was the location for "Old Sparky" where 361 inmates paid for their crimes with their lives. The first lethal injection also took place at Huntsville in 1982. Huntsville was the Carrasco siege took place. There is an exhibit the shows the guards weapons. One exhibit shows how inventive the inmates were at making games, another shows weapons that inmates made. Gary and I enjoyed touring the museum.

Imagine what it took to make this. Some of the inmates had lots of artistic talent.

This guitar was made out of match sticks. No mention of how many or how long it took the inmate to make this.

What a beautiful gun. Some think it was on Bonnie's lap when they were ambushed by the cops.

Old Sparky.

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