Tuesday, March 03, 2009

South Texas Botanical Gardens

While the guys went fishing, again, Jan and I took a wonderful trip into Corpus Christi to see the Botanical Gardens. We really enjoyed seeing all the flowers; however, we wished we knew exactly what flower we were viewing. There were not little stakes to tell us what each flower was. There was a nice rose garden, however, the roses were not blooming yet. The Gardens are in the process of building a butterfly house. That will be interesting to see. They did have a Butterfly garden, but not many butterflies were present. There was also a Gator Lake, but luckly, Jan and I did not run into any gaters. We really enjoyed the Orchid House. The cost of our tour was $5 for adult and $4 for seniors. This is a place that I will return to.

I managed to catch this butterfly spreading his wings.

Can you spot the grasshopper?

There were lots of buys bees in the garden. These bees were trying to get some sweet stuff from the hummingbird feeder.

This was my favorite orchid. For more pictures of orchids click here.

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