Monday, February 02, 2009

Yuma 2009

We are camped at Sandbar for 2 weeks. Weather has been great most of the time. We could do without the windy days. We have had a great time visiting the Yuma Market. Great place to buy shirts, Gary only had to make 5 trips to the jeep so he wouldn't have to carry around our "can't live without this" stuff. Vicki and Danny had a great time also. We wondered how Danny would get his of his "can't live without this" stuff home. We enjoy going to eat at the Asian Buffet. Great food. We also got together with some of the o5 class members for lunch. It's hard to believe that our 2 weeks are almost over. Mom and dad will be leaving on Thursday, we leave on Friday. Gary and I went to the show twice, we saw the Grand Torino and Defiance. Of course, since the Cold Stone Creamery is next to the show, we stopped there a couple of times. When we leave here, we will be headed towards Benson and then Aransas Pass, Texas to spend some time with Jan and Wes. Gary is looking forward to the fishing and visiting.

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Tom & Dianna said...

I was wondering what had happened to you. We are at Harlingen but are going back to Aransas Pass tomorrow for about two weeks. We will probably be gone when you get there but will see you in April. Hope to get the schedule for April from Jim soon.