Monday, February 02, 2009

Quartzsite, 2009

We had a great time in Quartzsite. Mom and dad were able to travel with us again this year. Jim and Sherri were with us as well as the wonderful Los Banos group. Weather was fantastic!!!!! Warm days and nice nights. We were able to sit out by the campfire every night. They were enforcing the 14 day limit this year, so we did not get to stay as long as we had planned. We enjoyed shopping at Tyson and of course, The Tent. Gary and I left lots of money in Quartzsite purchasing things we just could not live without. My sister, Vicki, and Danny were able to come this year. We really enjoyed their company. There did not seem to be as many people there this year as in years past. We could actually walk in the tent without rubbing bellies with folks we did not know. They had a great buy on Olympian propane heaters, $45.00. That was the busiest stall in the tent. I believe the gentleman sold out in one day.

We enjoyed watching the moon rise over the mountains.

Just look at what Quartzsite weather did to Gary and Jim's hair. Yes, Gary is sporting pigtails.

I found a great hat. Of course since Gary owns more than one hat, I had to buy at least two.
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Janice said...

Love the guys hats - tooo funny!!! We are hoping to join ya'll in OK in April. Have fun out there!