Saturday, October 11, 2008

Marshall Gold Discovery State historic Park

We took a tour of the site where James Marshall discovered gold in 1848. Lots of buildings and items to see. Cost was $5 per car. The visitor center has about 6 informational movies that you can watch. We really enjoyed our day. For more pictures just click on the travel photo link and look for the Coloma album.

Concord Stagecoach

Replica of a miner's cabin.

On Jan 24, 1848, James Marshall went to check out the tailrace of the sawmill. He scooped them up with his fingernail, pounded them between 2 rocks, placed them in the crown of his hat and hurried off to tell the mill workers what he had found. Four days later, he rode to Sutter's fort with the samples of gold. Sam Brannan, who operated a store at Sutter's fort, went to the mill to see about the gold discovery. When Brannan visited, San Francisco in May, he paraded up and down the streets with a bottle full of gold shouting, "Gold, Gold from the American River!" By the end of May, San Francisco was reported to be half-empty.

Replica of the sawmill.
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