Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coloma Gold Rush Live, Oct. 11-13

We discovered that they were going to hold the Coloma Gold Rush Live Days at Coloma while we were camping at Ponderosa. 1000s of people attend this celebration of the gold rush days. The event was held in the John Marshall Gold Discovery State Park located in Coloma, Ca. The only cost was $7 to park the car. We enjoyed our day walking around and seeing the people in period costumes. Some were even cooking in the dutch ovens. Gary and I played a game of Farro, just don't ask who won. If you are ever in this area when this event is happening, make sure to attend. Lots of events for kids.

This group was playing music of the gold rush era. Great entertainment.

Gold miner's camp.

This gentleman was showing us what was meant by a "flash in the pan."

These ladies were spinning threads and making lace the old fashioned way.
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