Thursday, September 18, 2008

Traveling Hwy 395 to Likely, Ca

What a trip. Most of the scenery consists of high dessert, just grass and sagebrush. We also had to climb a couple of mountain passes which meant that we traveled at 25-40 mph. The scenery along the John Day River was pretty but the highway did not follow the river that much. Very little traffic on the road. Not very many places for pulling over for potty breaks.

We stopped at a roadside rest and I took my camera out and captured this photo of a butterfly.

This is Lake Abert in Oregon. A very akali lake. The lake is very large.

Highway 395 follows John Day River. This part of the trip was very pretty.

Didn't take Gary long to catch dinner once we arrived in Likely, Ca. He has really been looking forward to fishing the river. Now I know why.
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