Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camping near Lake Almanor

We are just traveling down the road on our way to Los Banos, Ca. We find a good-looking campground and pull over for at least 2 nights. Of course, one requirement for the campground is that it is located near a body of water where fish swim around looking for a meal. Thus, we are now at Lake Cove Resort and Marina located near Westwood, Ca on the east side of Lake Almanor. Gary has been fishing and caught a couple of trout. He also had 2 on his line that ended up breaking his line and swimming away. Last night we had a visitor to our campground. This little deer came down for the apples that were under the apple tree.

Time for dinner. Apples are on the menu for the night.

The water level is down at Lake Almanor. For all those fishermen out there, you can see what your lures and hooks get caught on. Strange looking tree trunks. Bet lots of bass could be found near these tree trunks when the water was up.

Looking at the mountains from Lake Almanor.
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