Friday, July 17, 2015

Teton National Park, July 2015

We just love our time at Teton National Park.  We were there first two weeks in July.  There was not as much snow on top of the mountains as there was last year, however, they are still beautiful to see.  We were able to see foxes just about every day as they were at the beginning of our campground.  We plan on going back in about 2 weeks.  Gary had a great time fishing on the river, he ended up catching and releasing over a 100 fish while we were there.  His only competition was the people who brought their kids down to the river and tried to teach them to skip rocks on the water or see which one could pick up the largest rock and throw it into the river.  We also had a lot of rain during our visit this year.  Mornings were beautiful, but it rained almost every night.  The mountains were usually covered by the clouds this year.

                                       for more photos, click here.

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