Friday, August 22, 2014

Miracle of America Museum, Polson, Mt. outside exhibits

Wow, what a museum and it only cost $6 per person.  The museum has an outside area and an inside area.  I could have taken over a thousand pictures and still would have missed something.  The outside area is composed of many buildings which have been moved from areas in Montana, there was a barber shop, beauty shop, garage, Montana Fiddler’s Hall of Fame, which was playing fiddle music, barn, school house, outhouse, garage, gas station, and so many more.  One building had a display of washing machines, vacuums, and other electrical equipment.  There was a building displaying lots of snow mobiles, a building which showed different milking machines, one building was full of farm equipment.   Then there were so many tractors, lots of old cars, military vehicles, including helicopters and a couple of jets.  Did I mention the general store?  The museum is located on the road to Glacier National Park, so if you go that way, be sure to take at least 2-4 hours for the museum, you will not be sorry you did so.  Their brochure says they have Americana, Homesteader (a sod house), wooden boats (the boat house), dolls and toys, clothing, music, antique cars, farm equipment, motorcycles (lots of Harleys), sleds and sleighs, militaria, steam engines (tractors), and wildlife mounts (2 headed even).  They also have a drug store soda fountain.  For more photos of the outside area, click here.










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