Monday, July 28, 2014

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is located in West Yellowstone, Mt.  What a place to see.  When we got out of the car we could hear the wolves howling.  Upon walking out the doors of the exhibit hall, we were able to see a couple of the wolves that had been howling.  When we looked to our left, we saw Sam, a huge grizzly from the coastline of Alaska.  He weighs in at about 1,000 pounds.  After Sam returned to his private enclosure, we were able to watch Kobuk & Nakina, brother and sister bears from Alaska.  Kobuk weighs about 550 and Nakina 400.  When those two bears went into their enclosures 5 more bears came out, Spirit from Whitefish, Mt, weighing in at 350, Sow 101, 32 years old who was overly tempted by human foods near West Yellowstone, weighing in at 350, Coram, 5 years old who used to steal food from pick-ups at the grocery store in Coram, Mt, weighing in at  450, then Grant & Roosevelt, brothers from Yellowstone Park.  They were taken in after their mother had to be euthanized for public safety.  Grant is 350 while Roosevelt is 400.  The bears are let out to the bear habitat to search for their food.  They are out for 45 minutes then they go back into their enclosures while the workers then proceed to hide food for the next set of bears who come into the bear habitat.  The center runs a program which allows kids to hide food for the bears to find called Keeper Kids.   Besides the bears and wolves, the center is home to 2 eagles, an owl, and a falcon.  Tickets are good for 2 days.  In my opinion, this is one of the highlights of our trip.  Be sure to click on the blue link to see more photos.








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