Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yellowstone National Park Mid Geysers and Old Faithful

It was a cloudy day when we sent to see the Mid Geysers and Old Faithful.  It was also cool which meant that the geysers produced a lot of steam.  We were able to see Old Faithful spout off before we had to head for shelter to get out of the rain.


                                                                Old Faithful

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Just Larry said...

This brings back memories of a summer long, long ago. I was just out of high school and found a summer job at Old Faithful Lodge. On my off hours I used to hike the country side with my fishing pole.

The lodge was one of the true wonders of the WPA. The mammoth atrium with a fire place so big two tall men could walk into it carrying a log. The staircase was made of twelve inch split and varnished logs, and the handrail was fashioned from deer antlers. Most of all, it represented the founding politic of this magnificent national park. Nature at its most beautiful and natural self.