Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roswell- Did Aliens really crash here

Well, the aliens really crashed 65 miles west of Roswell.  The incident only became known as the Roswell Incident because the rancher who found the crash gathered the debris and took it into to the sheriff at Roswell who then notified the Military.  The army personnel who drove out to the ranch took some of the gathered debris home with him and showed it to his family.  Headlines came out that the military had found a spaceship.  That only lasted until someone higher up changed the finding to a weather balloon.  Then the military officer who had shown the debris to his family, had to tell them to forget what they saw.  We arranged a tour with Dennis G. Balthaser, ufo researcher, investigator, lecturer and Journalist.  He gave us lots of information and drove us around Roswell.  Great tour.  After the tour, we toured the UFO Museum.  Of course, no spaceship on display, but lots of articles about the incident.


Display at the museum.  the aliens move and the spaceship disperses smoke.


diorama of the crash


Military tried to say that the aliens were really these crash dummies.  Only problem, crash was in 1947 and these dummies were used in 1952


Hangar 84 where the bodies and crash debris were transported before being flown out to Ohio.

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