Sunday, July 01, 2012

Teton National Park, 2012

Many years ago, we stayed in Yellowstone and took one day to drive to Teton National Park.  We decided that we needed more than one day to really see the park.  We made reservations at Flagg Ranch for 4 nights because we could have 20 amp power, however, we kept experiencing power surges which shut down our power so we only stayed 1 night.  We moved to the Coulter Bay dry camping area and really enjoyed that campground.  We were right in the middle of the action.  Gary was close to the Jackson Dam and spent a lot of hours catching fish there.  We were also close to a spot where a moose came out every evening to feed.  Got to see black bear and took a float trip down the snake.  We finished our camping by moving to Gros Ventre dry camping area closer to Jackson.  There we were able to see Mormon Row, buffalo, and go into town to the chuck wagon dinner.


Saw this tundra swan on way into Jackson


Yellow headed blackbird







barn located on Mormon Row


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