Monday, June 18, 2012

Dinosaur National Monument

The Dinosaur National Monument is really two parks.  On Sunday afternoon, we toured the Quarry section where we got to see many fossils.  We drove to the visitor center where we caught the tram that took us to the quarry.  After viewing the fossils in the quarry, we decided to take the 1 mile trail back to the visitor center.  Not a great idea, it was too hot, 94, and not that much to see.  After we recovered from our hike, we took the auto tour.  We purchased the $1 guide book so we would know what we were seeing.  Really enjoyed this tour.  On Monday, we went to the Canyon Country section of the park.  We drove into Colorado to see this section of the park.  We were very disappointed with this section.  We drove to the visitor center and purchased the $.50 guide book, but there really wasn’t much to see except sage brush.  The best part of the auto tour was when we took the Echo Park Road to the bottom of the canyon.  Dirt road and need 4 wheel drive for the road.


Quarry section




Josie’s cabin.  She settled in the area in 1914 and built this cabin in 1935.  She lived here until 1964 when she broke her hip when her horse nudged her.  She was an alleged associate of Butch Cassidy.  She married 5 times, but finally chose the single life.


Gary touching a fossil




Canyon Country


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