Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birding Feb-March 2012

One of my favorite hobbies is birding.  I spent lots of time birding in Feb and March with 2 of the best birding friends a person can have.  Most of the birding spots were near Aransas Pass, Texas.  When watching birds I always marvel at one of God’s most wonderful creations.  Watching birds has only reinforced my belief in the fact that God created all and that we, animals, fish, or  birds, did not evolve from one creature which began in the sea, grew legs, and eventually lived on dry land.  Each bird’s bill fits the habit of that bird in what it eats.  Just compare the beak of a pelican to the beak of a hummingbird.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I sure had lots of fun taking them.  Click on the blue link for more photos


great blue heron on the beach at Port Aransas


This was the first time I saw a black skimmer



Rosette spoonbill and snowy egret.  Looks like they are having a conversation.


blue winged teal


northern harrier (marsh hawk) in flight


Laughing gull survivor

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