Monday, August 03, 2009

Capitol Reef National Park, Scenic drive

If you have never been to this park, plan on going. What a beautiful National park. Everytime we went around a bend or turn, I would catch myself saying "wow" or "this is awesome". The pictures below were taken while Gary and I toured the Scenic drive. We drove down the two washes and even walked down one of them. We saw a mine where uranium was mined and more petroglyphs. It was an experience driving between the walls of the wash. The colors of the rocks were wonderful to behold. We stopped at the Griffin house where they sell homemade ice cream, fresh baked pies-apple, berry, peach, and rubbard-strawberry. They also sell salsa, pickeled jalapenos, chips, muffins, jams, and other things that are made especially for the park. Gary bought a jar of salsa and a jar of the jalapenos. We had a very enjoyable day.

This is Echo Cliff. Yes, we did test to see if we could hear an echo.

We enjoyed looking at all the rocks. We thought this was very interesting.

The rock in the background is called the Golden Throne.

This is called Cassidy Arch. It is rumored that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid hid in the wash where this arch is located.
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