Monday, May 18, 2009


Mom and dad decided to take a trip to Missouri and Indiana. They met us at Lake Fork, Texas, and we traveled together to Indiana. We had a great time visiting with mom's sisters, Carolyn and Trula, and brother, Roger. We had a campfire every night, but the fish frys were the best. My uncles, Roger and Don, were the cooks for the fish frys. The guys would fish during the day and the girls would do what girls do best, talk. There were lots of gnats and so many bit Gary that his left eye was swollen shut so I had to take him to the dr. for an allergy shot and some meds. We experienced a rain and wind storm. I kept praying that the wind was blowing the same way the rig was facing so when the trees were blown over, at least they might fall beside the rig and not across it. The rain was coming from every direction and it sounded liked hundreds of little people were throwing rocks at the side of the rig. It rained over 3.5 inches during the storm. There were a few limbs on the ground in the morning, but none of our group suffered any damage to their rigs. My uncle, Roger and his wife, Nancy, have a place that they stay in during their visits. I enjoyed visiting with Nancy and watching many birds enjoy the bird feeders that they have up.

Wonder what they are talking about?

Cardinal enjoying the feeder.

Coming in for a landing.
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Kathy said...

Great shots!
I spent the day taking bird photos also, can't wait to get them posted:)