Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Dallas World Aquarium

One word can truely describe this Aquarium: awesome!!!
Gary and I, along with Sherri, her mother, and Tom, spent
a wonderful day at the Aquarium. There is a lot more to this
Aquarium than fish. The Aquarium has four sections. The
Orinoco section features plants of South America and Andean
Heights. There is a free flight aviary where one can see toucans
flying around. At the Orinoco understory section, one can see
monkey Island where tamarins frolic in the trees. This level
also contains crocodile cove. The Aquatic Level contains various
fish from countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Fiji, and others.
The fourth section is called Mundo Maya. One can view bats,
reptiles, sharks, poison frogs, and axolotls. We ate lunch at Cafe Maya which
features Mexican food. The cost for the Aquarium is $18.95 for
adults, $14.95 for seniors. Oh, I almost forgot, there were about
800 students also visiting the Aquarium. Some of those kids
really got excited seeing the monkeys and birds flying around.

Sea horses are a favorite of mine

This is a scarlet Ibis.

The waterfall is located in the Orinoco canopy level.
We watched various birds take a bath at the top
of the falls.

This pale-faced saki was busy with her baby. But she did take
time to pick some fleas off of her mate.
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