Friday, February 15, 2008

Casa Grande Ruins National Park

What an amazing site to see. We could not help but wonder how
the Hohokam Indians were able to build a four story high and
60 feet long building in 1350. The walls of the great house face the 4
cardinal points of the compass. This village was surrounded
by 7 foot high walls. The Hohokams also had an irrigation
system which allowed them to produce two crops a year. They
planted beans, squash, tobacco, cotton, agave, and corn.

Casa Grande.

The hole in the upper left corner aligned with the solstice sunset.
There was another hole on the right that aligned with the moon

This is an Olla- a large pot used for water and food storage.
This one was found near the foundation of the great house.

This is a model of what the great house would have looked
like in 1350. There were lots of cacti to be seen in the area.
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