Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cash's White River Hoedow

While in Mountain View, Arkansas, we attended Cash's White
River Hoedown. The show was so great, we attended
both Friday and Saturday night. Cost for the show
is $18 per adult with children 16 and under free.
The music and comedy acts are fantastic. If you
get to Mt. View, be sure to take in this show. If you are
like us, you will want to attend both Friday and
Saturday nights.

Aunt Minnie Miles shares her many medical
cures with the audience. She carries her
medicine in her bag. She has medicine
that will cure baldness and some that will keep
you from coughing.

This is Lotta Miles- Aunt Minnie's sister.

Aunt Minnie Miles and Lotta Miles. Lotta is talking about
Minnie's thunder.

Brenda talking to the "plummer".
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